Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bandon, Coos County Oregon Resources Coproration Chromite Strip Mine

In March of 2011, mining will begin in the remote hills of Bandon, in Coos County, Oregon. Oregon Resources Corporation will be mining for heavy metals in the sandy soil. Some townspeople see the industry as a boost to the local economy while others see it as a threat to the environment.
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New growth next to an old stump long after logging trucks left this area close to the proposed mine site in Bandon, Oregon.

ORC COO Dan Smith at the nearly complete production plant in Coos Bay, where the sand will be sorted and minerals extracted.

Julie and Jack Jones, residents of Bandon, stand in front of a mine site that will soon be deforested. They don't think Oregon Resources Corporation has taken enough safety precautions when considering the environment.

Chromite Sand. Chromite is used in manufacturing industries.

Barbra Schwartz, long-time Coos Bay resident, fears environmental damage.

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  1. Good work. Keep covering this story and talking to the people.