Monday, January 26, 2009

Holga Take One

These photos are my first attempt at shooting medium format with my Holga.
I have missed film. I am in love.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Break

Well Christmas was nice up here in Portland with my family...
Lets look at some highlights and not so high lights:
1. Seeing my family... and being stuck with them in the house for a week straight through a FREAKING BLIZZARD! Oh and to make it better.. the power went out.
2. Taking fun pictures in the snow... and not being able to look at them because no one in the state of Oregon seems to have a program that is able to NEF files on their computer.
3. Working at my dad's chiropractic clinic to make extra $$... and cleaning urinals ewww.
4. Relaxing and doing nothing... and relaxing and doing nothing.
5. Going to a SICK Blazer game with my dad... and trudging through the snow and rain back to our car a mile away afterward. So cold!

Also, I think I have been grinding my teeth at night in my computer room closet/makeshift bedroom and now my jaw is really swollen!

I wish I could post some pictures right now, but I will get some up asap...